A note from Daisy; I believe in humans.


This is Daisy the Dog again.

Well, my humans went on vacation and they returned.

I also had a vacation at my aunt’s. I gained a few ounces. For me, that’s a lot.

I’m really glad to be back with my family. Playing, begging, cuddling, and getting scratched like I want. Soon the little human girls will be gone much of the day at school. I will miss them. We all love spending summer together. I’d love it if they spent the whole day at home. Cool.

The humans seem rested but sometimes I think they’re hard on themselves. I think they don’t always believe in themselves. I believe in them.

Heck, I’m a 2 pound dog, about 6 inches high. I try to jump up on the dining room table all the time. Most tell me I can’t make it but I keep trying. I don’t mind trying over and over.

I see my humans get worried and they doubt themselves. I know that they can do anything. I wish I could talk and tell them that. I’d tell them to go just do it, shake life like a cool fluffy toy. Have some fun with it and go for it. Then take a nap.

Until I figure out how to talk, if any humans read this, would you please pass it a long – maybe you too doubt yourself once in a while. You humans are great but sometimes you let fear get the best of you. I look up to you – literally and figuratively. I bet your best friend believes in you. Go for it.

– Daisy


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